2021-02-08 - TrendForce

NAND Flash Wafer Prices Stabilize Due to High SSD Demand

NAND Flash demand continues to rise as strong sales of notebook (laptop) computers spur PC OEMs to place additional orders for client SSDs, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations...

2021-02-03 - Gary Hilson

CXL Spec Forging Ahead with High Performance Computing

Running over PCIe physical layer makes open interconnect easier to adopt...

2021-01-28 - Gary Hilson

5G Mixes and Matches Memories

For consumers, 5G offers a better user experience on smartphones, but its influence on memory uptake won't be at the device level

2021-01-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

3D NAND Flash Takes a Big Step Forward

The global storage market is witnessing a growing demand for NAND flash. This technology has been met through many developments, not only in the capabilities of today’s flash controllers...

2021-01-22 - Rajiv Joshi

Exploring Next-Gen AI ‘from Atoms to Apps’

AI Compute Symposium explored how research efforts in various disciplines might converge to take the next level of artificial intelligence “from Atoms to Applications.”

2020-12-28 - IDC

India’s External Storage Market Witnessed Third Consecutive YoY Decline in 2020

India’s external storage market witnessed a decline of 14.8% YoY by vendor revenue and stood at USD 79.9 million in Q3 2020). The majority of the YoY decline in storage spending was due to decreased spending from professional services, government, and manufacturing organizations in 20Q3...

2020-12-11 - Gary Hilson

Legacy LPDDRs Meet Demands for AI Devices at the Edge

Older generations of low power DRAM (LPDDR) can be perfectly adequate for many AI devices at the edge...

2020-11-11 - Jim Yastic

Host-Based ECC to Enhance NAND Flash Performance

Exploring the differences in integrated and host-based error code correction (ECC) in NAND flash, diving into the details of the impact of each approach on system performance, reliability, and ultimately cost...

2020-10-06 - Gary Hilson

Remote Working Triggers Memory Demand for PCs, Smartphones

Workstations will demand more memory, but the the future all-purpose device may be a smartphone...

2020-10-05 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Startup Secures $11M Funding for SOT-MRAM

France-based Antaios announced it has raised $11 million in funding for developing SOT-MRAM that can potentially replace embedded non-volatile memory and SRAM cache in microprocessors and SoCs...