2020-01-06 - George Leopold

Digital Twin Technology Enlisted by Military

The United States Department of Defense's industrial base initiative targets semiconductor supply chain.

2019-07-19 - Rick Merritt

$1.5B for Advanced Research Projects

Top chip vendors gather this week for the second annual summit of a landmark U.S. research program to drive semiconductors forward.

2019-05-03 - George Leopold

U.S. Air Force Aims to Dominate EMS

The service is the latest branch to get its electronic warfare house in order

2017-02-20 - Peter Clarke

US adds MEMS, sensors to military ordnance

ARDEC has introduced a bullet equipped with wireless sensor nodes and uses MEMS as primer.

2016-11-18 - None

350A DC contactors rough it in military, power app

The KILOVAC EV202 DC contactor is built small but tough for military and commercial vehicles and energy storage systems.

2016-06-15 - Spectrum

PXIe digitisers enable data transfer speeds up to 1.7Gbyte/s

The M4x.44xx series devices from Spectrum are packaged in a dual-width 3U module and incorporating a four lane PCI Express Generation 2 interface aimed at high-speed PXIe mainframe systems.

2016-06-09 - Vicor

Isolated, regulated DC-DC converter delivers up to 500W

Vicor extends its DCM family by adding two 270V and two 28V nominal products to target industrial and process control markets, distributed power, ATE, defence/aerospace and SME markets.

2016-05-25 - Rajan Bedi

Rocket scientist’s guide to RF impedance matching

Here's a look at impedance matching, which is used to make a load or line impedance equal that of a driving source for maximum power transfer.