2020-07-13 - STMicroelectronics

Advanced Biometric Payment Card Solution for the Banking Market

STMicroelectronics teamed with Fingerprint to develop an advanced Biometric System-on-Card (BSoC) solution based on fingerprint-recognition technology...

2020-07-06 - Vicor Corporation

New ZVS Buck Regulators available in BGA tin-lead package

Vicor has released two new ZVS buck regulators the PI3323 and the PI3325, with an extended operating temperature range of…

2020-06-29 - EverFocus

AI NVR Equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

EverFocus announced the release of the latest network video and equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX edge computing NVR –…

2020-06-22 - SINTRONES

Driver’s Extra Pair of Eyes: ADAS

Implement ADAS on SINTRONES ABOX-5200G4 allows drivers to analyze and detect vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians at 360 degrees in real-time...

2020-06-15 - STMicroelectronics

Reference Design Enables Compact Wearables with Social-distancing

ST announces a compact and cost-effective reference design suited for monitoring social distancing, assuring remote operation, provisioning, and providing contact…

2020-06-09 - Digi-Key

Digi-Key Partner with Truphone on IoT connectivity

Digi-Key Electronics announced that it has partnered with Truphone to bring cellular IoT connectivity services to manufacturers worldwide. The partnership…

2020-06-08 - STMicroelectronics

Functional-Safety Software Packages Based On STM32 and STM8 Families

ST released three functional-safety packages that simplify development of safety-critical industrial, medical, consumer and automotive products based on STM32 and…


DC Bias Current Test System-Molded Power Inductor Test

MICROTEST DC Bias current test system is an integration test system of 6632 LCR Meter or impedance analyzer and 6210,…

2020-06-01 - STMicroelectronics

Next-Gen NFC Reader IC for Digital Car Keys

Delivers rapid car-key response and reliable connections over extended distances...

2020-05-25 - STMicroelectronics

Space-Qualified Programmable Integrated Current Limiter

Single-chip mission-critical protection, QML-V certified and in production now