2022-12-02 - India Science Wire

New Method to Harness Energy from Household LED Lamps

IIT Mandi researchers have developed a photovoltaic material that can generate power when irradiated with light produced in household light sources like LED or CFL.

2022-11-18 - PIB India

Graphene-stabilized Tunable Photonic Crystal Enables Better Reflective Display, Laser Devices

Researchers have developed a soft tunable photonic crystal with enhanced thermal stability and optical purity.

2022-09-30 - Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd

Dixon and Ibahn Illumination Inks Term Sheet on Transfer of Advanced Lighting Technology

Dixon has entered into binding term sheet with Ibahn Illumination regarding the transfer of smart lighting solutions and technologies.

2022-09-16 - IC Insights

CMOS Image Sensors Stall in ‘Perfect Storm’ of 2022

The CMOS image sensor market category is on track to suffer its first decline in 13 years, with sales expected to fall by 7% and unit shipments projected to drop by 11%.

2022-07-12 - Saumitra Jagdale

Partnership to Develop 3D Depth Sensing for Advanced AR Headset

Infineon and Pmd claim the jointly developed iToF technology will enable enhanced interaction with the environment...

2022-07-11 - TrendForce

Global Automotive Lighting Product Market Expected to Grow 4% in 2022

Although demand in the car market will decline in 2022 due to the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war and China's pandemic resurgence, gains made in the penetration rate of LED headlights coupled with the development of advanced technologies such as intelligent headlights, logo lamps, and intelligent ambient lights will sustain a backstop for market demand in automotive lighting in 2022.

2022-07-07 - PIB India

New Material Discovered Can Convert Infrared Light to Renewable Energy

Scientists have discovered a novel material that can emit, detect, and modulate infrared light with high efficiency, making it useful for solar and thermal energy harvesting and for optical communication devices.

2022-03-07 - Stefani Munoz

Marvell Targets Cloud Data Centers with Silicon Photonics Platform

Marvell's latest cloud-optimized silicon photonics platform aims to address growing bandwidth demands while also providing lower costs and better power.

2021-12-15 - Eric Mounier and Alexis Debray

Silicon Photonics Sticks Its Head Above the Parapet

Yole initially reported on silicon photonics applications in 2011. It is interesting to compare our vision at that time with what is happening today.

2021-10-21 - India Science Wire

Researchers Design White Light Emitters for LED Applications

IIT Madras researchers have successfully developed a white light emitter for use in LEDs.