2020-12-18 - Nitin Dahad

Blog: Electronics Industry Needs to Learn from Gaming

Imagine if the lifelike experience from gaming was created for electronics industry and events. Maybe there would be much greater value for attendees...

2020-12-16 - Mike Gardner

Moving Towards Standardization for Automotive OTA Updates

Automotive OTA updates enable a vehicle’s software to be remotely updated, without requiring the vehicle to be physically present at the dealer's garage...

2020-12-11 - TV Venkateswaran

All You Want to Know About the ‘Great Conjunction’

As the speed at which one planet appears to move in the sky are not same, once in a while, the fast-moving one will catch up with the relatively slow-moving planet in the sky. Such events are called 'conjunction'. When the jumbo planets, Jupiter and Saturn come close to each other, it is called as 'Great Conjunction'.

2020-12-07 - Egil Juliussen

Autonomous Truck Software Platforms: Testing Cooperation

Autonomous trucks are getting more attention and heavier investment as the Covid-19 pandemic heightens demand for truck-based transportation services...

2020-12-04 - Rebecca Day

Data Transfer Jitters: My New iPhone 12 Experience

I was so nervous about my digital stuff getting from my old phone to my new one that I wasn’t even insulted by the dummied-down instructions...

2020-11-30 - Majeed Ahmad

What’s on Design Engineers’ Minds in 2020?

What’s on the design engineer’s mind in 2020, the year pundits claim will change the workplace forever with the option to work remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

2020-11-06 - Messe München

5 Trends Worth Watching at Virtual electronica 2020

The virtual electronica will focus on major technical trends in the industry, some of these trends are embedded systems, e-mobility, digitalization through the pandemic, and smart energy...

- Rebecca Day

Choose the Perfect Paint Color from Your Mobile Apps

We had been wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets for a while now, and that was the perfect activity to take us away from the political noise...

2020-11-02 - Rebecca Day

The Decision Matrix: Choosing the 5G Phone Carrier

Evaluating smartphone options is tough enough. Deciding which carrier to ride into the 5G era can be downright confounding.

2020-10-16 - TrendForce

2021 Tech Trend Forecast: What does the Future hold?

TrendForce provides its forecast of key trends in the tech industry for 2021...