2020-04-09 - Bolaji Ojo

How Has COVID-19 Changed Our World?

Scratch that thought if you are planning to go back to the old ways of doing business once COVID-19 blows away. Your business has changed and so have your suppliers, direct customers and even the global economic system. Nobody and nothing are the same anymore. We just don’t know the depth of the changes that […]

2019-02-14 - IDC

Top 10 India Predictions to Impact Cloud Initiatives Through 2023

The need for having agile businesses through simplified IT and comprehensive security is still far from reality for most organizations.

2017-11-15 - Victor Gao, Publisher, EE Times

How to Build a Nation

China's recently concluded 19th congress and Japan's seeming struggle with its semiconductor industry lead ASPENCORE to ask: just what does it take to build a technologically powerful nation?