2020-06-09 - Omdia

COVID-19 Decimates Automotive Power Semiconductor Revenue in 2020

Market set for 16% drop as vehicle sales dive and production plunges...

2020-06-05 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

FPGA Power Design to Drive GaN Adoption

Adoption rates for GaN are rising along with power density requirements. To ensure a high level of reliability and safety, thermal management strategies should be applied to any electronic device that generates heat...

2020-05-25 - STMicroelectronics

Space-Qualified Programmable Integrated Current Limiter

Single-chip mission-critical protection, QML-V certified and in production now

2020-04-09 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

GaN-on-Diamond To Play A Role in Future Power Devices

Integrating GaN with other materials is a challenge, but several organizations are exploring ways to bond diamond and GaN to improve the performance of GaN devices even more...

2018-03-15 - Power Integrations

Dynamically Configurable Off-Line Switcher IC from Power Integrations Supports USB PD 3.0 + PPS

InnoSwitch™3-Pro integrated switcher enables digital micro-stepping of voltage and current for precise battery charge control and elimination of DC-DC post-regulators

2018-01-31 - Renesas

Renesas Launches New Digital Power Modules

New digital power modules pack high efficiency and power density, according to Renesas.

2017-08-14 - Wolfspeed

SiC MOSFET ref design tops 80+ Titanium rating

Wolfspeed's reference design has demonstrated the implementation of a totem-pole PFC topology in a 2kW bridgeless power supply, with actual results of 98.55% efficiency at full load.

2017-07-18 - Murata

DC-DC converters meet EN50155 requirements

The IRQ series power modules are suited for railway systems and industrial applications that require power conversation from either 96Vdc or 110Vdc bus voltages.

2017-07-03 - EE Times India

Step-down regulator maintains 400mV dropout voltage

The LT8609S’s synchronous rectification delivers efficiency as high as 93% with a switching frequency of 2MHz, according to Analog Devices.

2017-05-24 - STMicroelectronics

VHV super-junction MOSFETs boost power density

The MDmesh DK5 power MOSFETs help designers enhance efficiency and increase power density through fewer parallel components in converters.