2021-03-12 - Sally Ward-Foxton

ASIC Accelerators Get DARPA Funding

DARPA has awarded contracts to four teams to develop ASIC accelerators for fully homomorphic encryption as part of its DPRIVE…

2021-03-02 - Sunny Bains

How Machines Learn to Listen and Understand

The dynamic audio sensor allows machines to listen, and understand, at low power. It could be useful in the voice-activated…

2021-02-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

IBM Unveils Quantum Computing Development Roadmap

IBM has outlined its quantum computing development roadmap that will begin with the release of the Qiskit Runtime open-source software…

2021-02-22 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Similarity Search Engine Accelerate AI Inference

Splitting out the search portion from an AI model means it can be hardware-accelerated to dramatically reduce latency...

2021-02-09 - Majeed Ahmad

The Rise of RISC-V Processor Designs

The rise of the RISC-V open standard is more about innovation and freedom of choice than an ISA religious war...

2021-02-05 - IC Insights

Total MPU Sales Surprise With Strong Gains in 2020, More Upside in 2021

Computer CPU processors remain largest MPU category in dollar volume; embedded MPUs demonstrate fastest growth...

- Nitin Dahad

Open Source Hardware: What it Means for Chip Makers

Open source hardware is more complex, with multiple layers in the stack, meaning it’s not as simple as shipping software...

2021-02-04 - IDC

Worldwide Tablet Shipments Return to Growth in 2020, Fueled by Unprecedented Demand

The worldwide tablet market had an outstanding fourth quarter (4Q20) with 19.5% YoY growth and shipments totaling 52.2 million units,…

- Sally Ward-Foxton

Wafer-Scale Chip to Power AI Supercomputers

Cerebras CS-1 system to be installed at the University of Edinburgh

2021-02-02 -  John Walko

5G Modems & Processors Shipments Saw a Huge Rise

The number of 5G modems shipped last year more than doubled compared with the previous 12 months, and there was…