2017-02-23 - Microchip Technology

MCU adds ADC channels, I/Os via 48-pin package

Microchip Technology’s 8bit PIC MCUs offer high levels of CIP integration to perform system functions while consuming low power.

2017-02-16 - Rick Merritt

Software explores faster route to machine learning

Gamalon uses a statistical form of lambda calculus and proprietary algorithms to create associations in text data with virtually no…

- Rick Merritt

Graphcore describes software behind AI processor

Poplar is a C++ framework for mapping on to its processor primitives created in deep learning neural networks, according to…

- Rick Merritt

Getting computers to write programs

Today’s deep-learning approaches will remain useful for tasks including images and video recognition.

2017-01-24 - Texas Instruments

Wireless MCUs support Bluetooth 5 core spec

The CC264x family is supported by a unified software and application development environment.

2017-01-06 - Maximilian Teodorescu

Snapdragon 835 adds gigabit-class LTE connectivity

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 sports a 35% decrease in package size with 25% better power efficiency compared to the existing 821.

- Cypress Semiconductor

USB-C controller supports HDMI alternate mode

EZ-PD CCG3 controller minimises bill-of-material costs and simplifies designs, replacing multiple discrete components with a single-chip solution.

2016-11-25 - Microchip Technology

250MHz, 32-bit MCUs meet industrial temperature spec

PIC32MZ EF features an integrated floating-point unit, a wide selection of peripherals and connectivity options, including that for CAN.

2016-11-16 - Microchip Technology

Microchip adds peripheral touch control to select MCUs

The ATtiny817 is also the first to be supported by the Atmel START Code Configurator and the code-compact QTouch modular…

2016-11-02 - ARM

ARM rolls out chip cores for low-power VR apps

Mali-V61 is a multi-standard video processor with VP9 encode, while Mali-G51 graphics processor extends Bifrost architecture to mainstream devices.