2022-03-22 - PIB India

Indian Scientists Propose 2D Monolayers with Potential Applications in Next-gen Self-Powered Materials

A team of Indian Scientists have computationally predicted two fascinating 2D monolayers having great potential for applications in next-generation self-powered materials.

2022-03-09 - PIB India

Indian Scientists Discover Origin of Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity in Crystalline Solid

Indian scientists have cracked the origin of ultralow thermal conductivity in AgSbSe2, a crystalline solid having promising thermoelectric applications.

2022-02-28 - India Science Wire

India’s Scientific Legacy and Technology Prowess on Display at Mega Expo

With exhibitions spread across 75 locations throughout the country, Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate showcases India's achievements in the field of science and technology since Independence.

2022-02-10 - VLSI Design

India to Hold VLSID 2022

VLSID 2022 brings together key stakeholders—industry, academia, researchers, regulators—in the semiconductors and electronics ecosystem.

2022-01-27 - India Science Wire

Research Focuses on Developing More-efficient Solar Cells

The new microscopy technique uses laser pulses to modulate the tunnel current through targeted excitation of the electrons in the material.

2022-01-24 - Ranjini Raghunath, Indian Institute of Science

Tracking Quantum Phenomena in 2D Graphene

IISc researchers and international collaborators provide evidence for the presence of upstream modes along which certain neutral quasiparticles move in two-layered graphene.

2021-12-13 - India Science Wire

R&D Funding More than Doubled in 7 Years

Allocation of funds for R&D for the six major scientific agencies has more than doubled in last seven years.

2021-09-20 - PIB India

MeitY to Honor Tech Champions for their Contributions Over the Past 75 Years

MeitY has invited nominations of scientists/technologists who have made outstanding contribution in past 75 years in the field on electronics and IT.

2021-07-12 - India Science Wire

INST Steering Ahead with Nanoscience and Technology-based Breakthroughs

India's Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) is advancing knowledge and educating young minds in nanoscience and technology that will best serve the nation.