2020-06-01 - IC Insights

China to Fall Far Short of its ‘Made-in-China 2025’ Goal for IC Devices

China domestic content percentage forecast to be about one-third of its 70% 2025 target...

2020-05-18 - TrendForce

TSMC’s US Expansion Plan May be Accompanied by 12-inch Supply Chain

According to TrendForce, TSMC's expansion plan in the U.S. may be accompanied by other actors in 12-inch supply chain too...

2020-05-15 - TSMC

TSMC to Build an Advanced Semiconductor Fab in US

TSMC today announced its intention to build and operate an advanced semiconductor fab in the US...

2020-05-14 - George Leopold

Analysts See a GaAs Rebound Amid Uncertainty

Chip industry trackers continue to hedge their bets despite a few bright spots...

2019-01-24 - Dylan McGrath

Semiconductor M&A Decline Continues

The value of semiconductor industry mergers and acquisitions declined for the fourth straight year in 2018 as the flood of high-value deals reached earlier in the decade continued to subside, according to IC Insights.

2019-01-17 - Rick Merritt

Rethinking The Next Semiconductor Roadmap

The semiconductor industry needs to think differently and find roads Ahead to growth. Trade group SEMI aims to launch think tanks, investment funds...

2019-01-09 - Rick Merritt

Chip Sector Sees Slowdown Ahead

Chip sales to slow, maybe contract in 2019

2017-12-13 - R. Colin Johnson, EE Times

With Alkaline Chemistry, Copper Could Be Forever

Aveni's alkaline chemistry for building copper interconnects at and below the 5-nm node could realize IBM's recent prediction that there will be no need to switch to cobalt or any other interconnect metal less conductive than copper.

2017-11-01 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Semiconductor Sales Hit $108 Billion in Q3

Semiconductor sales topped $100 billion for the first time in the second quarter, breaking an all time high.