2020-05-20 - DRAMeXchange

New Video Cards and Gaming Consoles to Elevate Graphics DRAM Demand

Both NVIDIA and AMD are planning to release new GPUs in 3Q20, and both Microsoft and Sony are releasing new…

2020-05-18 - STMicroelectronics

Arrow, Panasonic and ST Join Forces to Deliver IoT Modules for Smart Applications

  Arrow Electronics, Panasonic Industry, and STMicroelectronics (ST) have introduced a low-power wireless multi-sensor edge-intelligence solution for smart factory, smart…

2020-05-11 - Dennis Goldenson

Edge Intelligence: The Next Wave of AI

Edge computing provides an opportunity to turn AI data into real-time value across almost every industry. The intelligent edge is…

2019-08-22 - Clover Lee

$140 Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are designed to entice children to drink more water, but they aren't all that smart, and the…

2019-01-03 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

‘Made in India’ iPhone May Come Soon

Expansion of Foxconn's Tamil Nadu plant on the cards, creating upward of 25000 jobs

2018-12-17 - Sufia Tippu

Niti Aayog and IIT to Develop Indian Language Bot

18-language bot to help Indians in daily life

2018-09-24 - Rick Merritt

iPhone Teardown Rundown

Wondering what's inside the new Apple phones? Wonder no longer.

2018-07-24 - Sufia Tippu

Apple Could Face Deactivation of iPhones in India

TRAI’s new regulatory policy has hinted that India may ban iPhone within 6 months if Apple continues to take its…

2018-03-26 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Galaxy S9+ Innards Reveal Costly Kit

Bill of materials higher than previous flagships, AMOLED display alone comes in at $79 USD

2017-06-29 - Rick Merritt

Intel gives the Olympics VR, 5G experience

Intel’s 3D video, newly branded True VR, is one of the highlights of the deal for the 2018-2024 Olympics as…