2020-05-11 - IDC

India Smartphone Market Posts 1.5% YoY Growth In 1Q20

India's smartphone market saw a relatively flat opening quarter withYoY growth of 1.5% to 32.5 million units in 1Q20...

2020-05-07 - TrendForce

Smartphone Production to Drop by 16.5% YoY in 2Q20

TrendForce has revised down its forecast of yearly smartphone production volume to 1.24 billion units, an 11.3% decrease YoY, given…

2020-05-05 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Leads in 5G Smartphones in Q1 2020

Samsung & Huawei Capture 68 Percent Share of Global 5G Smartphone Shipments in Q1 2020...

2020-04-10 - Strategy Analytics

Smartphone Form Factors: Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola RAZR

Clamshell devices still need to come down in price for widespread adoption...

2019-12-17 - Junko Yoshida

Images in a Post-Truth Era

We can instantly edit, enhance and distort photos. Shouldn’t we think first before enabling that same ability for augmented reality?

2019-11-11 - Junko Yoshida

Smartphones: How Did We Get Here?

In fall 1995 camera phones made their little-noted debut on the global stage. The combination was an unthinkable marriage of…

2019-06-06 - Demi Xia

Huawei’s Contingency Plan

Google ceasing to license Android will have little impact on Huawei's domestic business, but it will affect its phone users…

2019-05-21 - Prakash Sangam

Blog: Get Ready to Embrace 5G

A wireless analyst and former Qualcomm product marketer explains his passion for the new Samsung 5G handset

2019-05-01 - Rick Merritt

The Key Segments for 5G Smartphones

The 5G smartphone market should be analyzed by its three distinctly different segments, says a veteran semiconductor analyst.