2020-05-14 - DST

India is Poised to Reboot Economy through Science & Technology

The Minister of Science & Technology, Harsh Vardhan said that India’s fight against the Covid-19 is moving fast ahead strongly and steadily. He further emphasized that India is well-poised to reboot the economy through science, technology and research...

- Brian Santo

Intel Capital Invests $132M in Tech Startups

Intel Corp.'s funding arm announced $132 million in investments in a set of startups that are concerned with business data and analytics...

2020-05-12 - STPI

STPI Pulse to Address IT Industry Challenges Amidst Covid-19

STPI launches 'Pulse' to help industry & startups stay afloat by deliberating on the challenges, opportunities and strategies to become more sustainable, efficient & resilient in front of global crisis...

2020-03-24 - Junko Yoshida

The Startup Trying to Revive Holography

Holography is coming back — not in the familiar sci-fi movie form of, for example, Princess Leia and R2D2 — but as a commercial head-up display (HUD) for next-generation vehicles to aid drivers and passengers.

2020-02-25 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Top 10: AI Chip Startups at the Edge

Our top ten picks for most promising and/or interesting chip startups for AI in edge and endpoint applications.

2020-01-21 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

France’s Most Promising Startups

France, under La French Tech 120 program, has unveiled the identity of the 123 high-potential startups that will benefit from a dedicated accelerator scheme.

2019-12-03 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

4D Imaging Startup Develops Sensor to ‘See Through Walls’

Israeli startup Vayyar Imaging Ltd. has raised $109 million in a series D financing round.

2019-10-25 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Medtech Startup Feetme Raises €9.4m to Accelerate Research

Smart medical wearables have improved mobility by using body-worn sensors measuring and analyzing gait kinematics.

2019-08-21 - Rick Merritt

Cerebras Spins Whole Wafer for AI

Cerebras will describe at Hot Chips the world's largest chip, a wafer-scale device aimed at unseating Nvidia's dominance in training neural networks.

2019-07-23 - Rick Merritt

Startup Claims 100 Tops/W in Simulation

Areanna claims a custom SRAM will deliver 100 TOPS/W on deep learning. Well, that's what the simulations show, anyway.