2016-10-17 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Demo vehicle makes extensive use of 48V components

The vehicle features a powertrain architecture with an electric motor as an “electric axle” on the rear axle, a configuration…

2016-10-11 - Carolyn Mathas

Graphene layers build quantum LEDs

Graphene Flagship researchers have created an all-electrical quantum LED with single-photon emission.

2016-09-27 - Vivek Nanda

Inverter uses SiC components to boost EV range

A new inverter offers greater efficiency in a smaller, lighter package – a hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturer’s dream.

2016-09-15 - Georgia Institute of Technology

Fabric weaves in power from wind and sun

A textile machine is used to weave together solar cells constructed from lightweight polymer fibres with fibre-based triboelectric nanogenerators.

2016-09-09 - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Carbon nanotube transistors finally surpass silicon

The new transistors are promising for wireless communications technologies that require a lot of current flowing across a relatively small…

2016-09-05 - Nano Dimension Technologies

DragonFly 2020 system flies to first customer

The supply was made to an Israeli defence company for evaluation purposes, according to Nano Dimension Technologies.

2016-08-31 - Walt Mills

Tackling power consumption in miniature devices

Experiments show metallic wires can be created using bilayer graphene sheets, but researchers said they're still a long way from…

- Walt Mills

Controlling electron ‘colour’ step forward in valleytronics

The experimental device of bilayer graphene proves the ability to control the momentum of electrons, offering a path to electronics…

2016-08-24 - Jennifer Langston

Interscatter technique allows implants to talk Wi-Fi

Interscatter communication backscatters existing signals like Bluetooth in the air, transforming wireless transmissions from one technology to another.

- Jennifer Langston

How interscatter tech eliminates backscattering by-products

The backscattering process creates an unwanted mirror image copy of the signal, which consumes more bandwidth as well as interferes…