2016-08-01 - University of Utah, University of Minnesota

Oxide combo boosts power semi performance

Gallium nitride is often used for transistors in power supplies, but that has been explored for many years and likely cannot be made more efficient.

2016-07-18 - R. Colin Johnson

EU targets holy grail of quantum superconducting

One grant for an ultra-sensitive superconducting photon director could clear the way to a universal supercomputing quantum computer.

2016-06-30 - Vivek Nanda

IBM discovers how to convert old smartphones cases into high-strength plastic

The one-step approach converts BPA-leaching plastics in consumer electronics into environmentally safe material for water purification and medical devices.

2016-06-24 -

Novel device boosts PV system power output

Researchers from the Masdar Institute have developed a technology that independently tracks electrical currents generated by each solar panel, significantly boosting PV system power output.

2016-06-23 - Julien Happich

Rambus samples lens-less eye tracker for headmount displays

The Lensless Smart Sensors rely on a phase anti-symmetric diffraction grating and co-designed with computational algorithms that extract the relevant information from the scene to be imaged.

2016-06-06 - R. Colin Johnson

Diamond MEMS resonator surpasses 20GHz speed

The Russians have claimed a new world record in the microwave regime with a diamond substrate MEMS resonator whose speed exceeds 20GHz while maintaining a quality factor over 2,000.

- Toshiba

The future of EV charging is fast, cable-free

Toshiba is set to start field testing a fast, cable-free contactless charger for electric vehicles (EV) in an effort to reduce C02 emissions and make EV charging safe and convenient.

2016-05-18 - Fujitsu Laboratories

Fujitsu brings high-speed cyber-attack monitoring tech

Fujitsu Laboratories developed the innovative technology that quickly analyses damage status after an attack has been detected, in response to rising targeted cyber-attacks on specific organisations.