2019-11-14 - Junko Yoshida

CEOs Skeptical About Rumours of an End to the Trade War

Tech leaders at the Global CEO Summit in Shenzhen welcome the possible truce in the U.S.-China trade war, but most…

2019-08-27 - Barbara Jorgensen

Is it Time to Put Huawei in the Rear-View Mirror?

The U.S. chip industry seems to think the Chinese market will always be there, but Huawei is gradually giving up…

2019-07-24 - Takashi Yunogami

Blog: How the Japan-Korea Trade War Impacts the World

By restricting exports of key chemical materials to South Korea, Japan has already done irreparable harm to the global electronics…

2019-07-03 - Dylan McGrath

Renewed Trade Talks Offer Reprieve for Chipmaker

U.S. chip stocks (and spirits) were boosted over the weekend by renewed trade talks between the U.S. and China and…

2019-06-03 - David Benjamin

Blog: The Cold War with Huawei

Political theater doesn't accomplish much. Quiet diplomacy might be less satisfying, but it tends to lead to better outcomes.

2019-05-30 - Alan Patterson

TSMC to Stick with Huawei

TSMC plans to continue making chips for Huawei even as other companies in the global semiconductor ecosystem are complying with…

2019-05-29 - Junko Yoshida

Tech Warfare Hurts us All

"The damage done by this outbreak of open technology warfare is likely to be much more serious and long-lasting than…

2019-05-27 - George Leopold

Will China Blink First?

Tariffs and Trump's executive order have replaced 40 years of economic integration. Vulnerable China could blink first in a trade…

2019-05-23 - Nitin Dahad

Arm Deals Crushing Blow to Huawei

Arm is cutting off all contact with Huawei - even conversations at trade shows - according to a memo reportedly…