2020-07-01 - Samer Ismail

Autonomous Vision Chip Poised for IoT Applications

Vision-enabled designs have recently been adopted outside the production environment and are only entering IoT domains such as smart cities,…

2020-04-29 - Fendy Wang

Coronavirus Spurs Strategies to Increase China’s Appliance Sales

Although growth in China’s home appliance market is stagnating, there are still some reasons for optimism as manufacturers adjust their…

2020-04-28 - Fendy Wang

China’s Home Appliance Boom Grinds to a Halt

After many years of growth, China's home appliance industry has entered a mature consumption stage.

- Tobi Delbruck

Event Cameras: Slow but Steady Rise

DVS has a fighting chance to become a viable, mass-production vision sensor technology.

2020-04-27 - Cabe Atwell

6 Covid-19 Ventilator Projects Contributed by Engineers

The DIY Hack-a-Vent Innovation Challenge inspires new ventilator designs — some with creative ways to leverage existing technology like breathing…

- Sally Ward-Foxton

Using AI to Rebuild Coral Reefs

AI fish counter monitors reef’s regeneration progress

2020-04-24 - Sunny Bains

Neuromorphic Computers: Promise and Pitfalls

Neuromorphic processors could eventually overcome the challenges encountered in building intelligent machines....

- John Walko

No, 5G Does Not Spread Coronavirus

Several cell towers in the U.K. have been set on fire and engineers harassed amid the spread of online conspiracy…

2020-04-23 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Monitor CO2 Levels with Miniaturized Photoacoustic Sensors

Sensirion's new miniaturized CO2 sensor, based on photoacoustic sensing, is aimed at applications in IoT, consumer electronics, appliances, and HVAC…

- Sally Ward-Foxton

Nvidia-Mellanox Buyout Gets Chinese Approval

Deal ready to proceed as CEO vows ‘no job cuts due to Covid-19’...