2020-07-16 - John Walko

Huawei Ban May Delay 5G Rollout in the UK

The ban on Huawei equipment in the UK is also likely to cost operators there billions of pounds, and delay the introduction of 5G services...

- Gartner

Worldwide IT Spending to Decline 7.3% in 2020

Despite current cash flow restrictions, ‘swoop’ recovery and heightened digital expectations to follow in it spending outlook...

2020-07-13 - STMicroelectronics

Advanced Biometric Payment Card Solution for the Banking Market

STMicroelectronics teamed with Fingerprint to develop an advanced Biometric System-on-Card (BSoC) solution based on fingerprint-recognition technology...

2020-07-07 - John Walko

UK and India Join Hands For Space Opportunity

A consortium led by the UK government and Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises has won the hugely competitive auction for satellite manufacturer and low Earth orbit (LEO) network operator OneWeb.

2020-06-30 - IDC

India Networking Market Showed a 26.7% YoY Decline in 1Q20

India’s networking market which includes Ethernet Switch, Routers, and WLAN segments witnessed a 26.7% year-over-year (YoY) decline in 1Q20...

2020-06-29 - IDC

COVID-19 to Shrink India Enterprise Software Market Growth to 3.8% YoY In 2020

As per IDC latest report, the India software market grew by 16.0% YoY in 2H19 compared to 2H18. For 2019, the India software market achieved a revenue of US$6.48 billion...

2020-06-22 - Nitin Dahad

Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE Networks Breaks Through Underwater-Air Barrier

UK to get an air-to-ground 4G LTE network for emergency services, while KAUST builds prototype underwater WiFi system using LED or laser...

2020-06-19 - Rebecca Day

Post-Pandemic: Enough of Telehealth, Instacart, Chatbots?

It’s hard to know at this stage how Covid-19 will change life as we know it, but it’s certain technology will be at the epicenter of change.

2020-06-15 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Makes Smart Lighting Even Smarter

Today’s smart-lighting systems still must be set up manually by the user. The OpenLicht project has developed a prototype for a more intelligent lighting system...

- STMicroelectronics

Reference Design Enables Compact Wearables with Social-distancing

ST announces a compact and cost-effective reference design suited for monitoring social distancing, assuring remote operation, provisioning, and providing contact tracing to protect human health in all environments...