CL2400-based smart antenna targets set-top boxes

Article By : Celeno Communications

Celeno and Airgain’s integration expertise provides solutions to meet the growing demand for reliable and seamless Wi-Fi performance.

Telecommunications providers and cable operators are looking for optimised solutions to deliver seamless 4K ultra high definition (UHD) video streaming over Wi-Fi, while providing benchmark connectivity for a variety of wireless devices within the home, including smartphones and tablets. With these in mind, Celeno Communications and Airgain have collaborated to deliver a smart antenna platform based on the Celeno CL2400 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4 radio and its Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) technology. The resultant reference design solution will provide system designers and manufacturers with the blueprints for a smart antenna enabled 4×4 MIMO gigabit gateway design that will form the basis for the next generation of gigabit gateways and set-top boxes.

The collaboration will leverage Airgain’s expertise in RF and switched smart antenna design, together with Celeno’s CL2400 chipset’s proprietary SAS silicon and software technology which enables the CL2400 to dynamically select 4 antenna elements out of an array of up to 16 elements on both transmit and receive. The SAS enabled reference design system will provide multi-modes of operation per RF chain, allowing dynamic diversity set selection for improved immunity to device orientation and mobility, while enhancing system performance in multi-floor and multi-room scenarios.

Celeno’s SAS enabled semiconductor solutions, together with Airgain’s smart antenna design and integration expertise, will provide solutions for leading telecom and cable operators to meet the growing demand for reliable and seamless Wi-Fi performance throughout the connected home.

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