Contactor design proves RF performance

Article By : Multitest

Multitest claims the Link HB contactor has demonstrated boardside compliance with increased contact reliability and multisite stability at customer facilities.

Multitest has announced that its Link HB contactor exhibited excellent RF performance at customer sites resulting in ultra-clean high-speed signals. The company noted that its patent-pending design adds boardside compliance to compensate for board fabrication tolerances ensuring increased contact reliability and multisite stability.

Based on the offset vertical architecture of the Link contactor, the Link HB adds boardside compliance with improved pin/pad concentrated contact, Multitest said. The proprietary design of the Link HB compensates for load board planarity tolerances, which are particularly critical in multisite applications.

The offset vertical architecture of the Link contactor family is designed to support superior test yield, maximum repeatability, and low repair and replacement cost. The wipe motion of the probe provides scrub through oxides on the IC pads and cleans itself when moving back to its original free height.

This motion is fully decoupled from the connection to the test interface board resulting in a stable connection between the probe and the load board pad, avoiding pad wear and carbon debris buildup. This implementation also eliminates the potential for arcing between the probe and the test interface board pad.

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