Corning India Opens Wireless Software Development Center of Excellence

Article By : Corning India

Corning India has opened a wireless software development center of excellence to accelerate wireless network adoption in India.

Corning India has opened a Wireless Software Development Center of Excellence in Gurugram to support the adoption of 5G wireless networks. The center makes it easier for service providers, system integrators, academic institutions, and enterprises to test their services and solutions, acquire new capabilities, and achieve operational efficiencies.

“We’re excited for the opening of our center of excellence in Gurugram. It will allow us to showcase our field-proven products and solutions and accelerate the local industry by developing fully virtualized and innovative, cloud-managed solutions for public and private 5G enterprise networks. The center reinforces our commitment to the region and reflects our desire to facilitate an open ecosystem – one that encourages the development of diverse wireless-network solutions,” said C. Gökhan Doran, Division Vice President and General Manager, Corning International.

(From left) Sudhir Pillai, C. Gökhan Doran, Marc J. Bolick, and Dr. Shirish Nagaraj.

“Innovation is one of our core values at Corning. As the inventor of low-loss optical fiber and as the world leader in passive optical communications, we are uniquely positioned to help network operators capture the opportunities of 5G in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies,” said Marc Bolick, Vice President, Corning Wireless.

“Corning India’s Wireless Software Development Center of Excellence will enable Corning India’s wireless teams to support the development of innovative software solutions for public and private 5G-enterprise networks, work on wireless product concepts, and focus on system engineering,” said Dr. Shirish Nagaraj, Chief Technologist, Wireless, and Director, Wireless R&D, Corning Optical Communications.

Locating the center in Gurugram demonstrates Corning’s continued commitment to investing in India.

“Corning is committed to providing telecom operators and industry users with an agile and customizable network infrastructure. With the new center in Gurugram, Corning will be able to meet the growing needs of its global customers, while focusing additional research and development resources on wireless-network planning and deployment solutions,” said Sudhir Pillai, Managing Director, Corning India.


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