DAP boards allow Python support for Linux

Article By : Martin Rowe

The Python support for desktop GNU/Linux will be available for free with Microstar’s DAP boards.

Microstar Labs has added Python support for desktop GNU/Linux to its line of PC data-acquisition boards. The company's Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards let you measure and control processes, run automated tests and conduct scientific and engineering experiments.

The Python support is available at no cost with the purchase of a DAP board. The Python API is the same as those for other languages such as C, C++, C#, Basic, Excel, and operating systems such as Windows.

The DAP software is supported at three levels, each one including all features of the preceding level. All software levels support all DAP models.

  • The DAPtools Basic is included with each system purchased and provides the tools needed to run DAP applications.
  • The DAPtools Standard adds everything needed to develop new host system applications using DAP boards.
  • DAPtools Professional adds everything needed to develop networked applications and real-time embedded processing for your DAP systems.

Existing DAP users can download DAPtools Basic software package version 6.30 at no cost.

Because Microstar DAP boards have onboard processors, they can run their own operating system to handle onboard tasks such as instrument control and data processing. Boards can then stream data to the host for viewing, analysis and storage.

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