DDR4 module supports overclocking to 3GHz

Article By : Apacer

Apacer's Panther Rage DDR4 Illumination gaming memory module boasts a heat spreader, LED lighting and 3GHz overclocking.

Apacer has launched its Panther Rage DDR4 Illumination gaming memory module for gaming, overclocking and M.O.D. enthusiasts.

The gaming module boasts clock rate options in 2,400/2,666/2,800/3,000MHz with latencies of 16-16-16-36 (2,400/2,666MHz), 17-17-17-36 (2,800MHz) and 16-18-18-38 (3,000MHz), according to the company. Featuring a heat spreader and IC for power and performance efficiency, the Panther DDR4 is compatible with the latest platform of Intel, supports overclocking on Intel XMP2.0 without requiring manual adjustments on BIOS parameters to achieve maximised performances. Moreover, on Intel motherboards, a total of 128GB memory can be loaded for optimised performances.

[Apacer Panther Rage DDR4 gaming memory module fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: The Panther RAGE DDR4 illumination gaming memory module from Apacer.

Designed with LED lighting, the Panther sports a stamping technique. The bars that align at the right side of the panther’s head are a hint of energy level from battle games. The jagged line at the bottom imitates the serration on military knives.

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