DRM receiver, chip improve car FM signal in India

Article By : NXP

All India Radio, NXP Semiconductors, Hyundai Mobis and DRM Consortium have collaborated to deploy DRM receiver and chip for Indian automotive market.

NXP Semiconductors and Hyundai Mobis have successfully completed the field trials of MOBIS DRM receivers and NXP chips designed in India. The chips and DRM receivers are now deployed in DRM-fitted car infotainment receivers in a recently launched vehicle in India.

[Hyundai Mobis car products (cr)]
Figure 1: Hyundai MOBIS produces core automotive components such as modules (chassis, cockpit, front-end-module) and many automotive parts.

DRM is a digital radio standard that has been deployed in emerging markets such as India. DRM provides FM-comparable or better audio quality on the AM radio band. Since AM radio covers more than 98% of the population in India and only 37% of listeners can currently receive the FM signal, DRM improves radio coverage and quality. This technology is affordable and provides additional data services such as traffic updates, natural disaster warnings and news.

The development and deployment was made possible by a regional collaboration between All India Radio, NXP Semiconductors, Hyundai Mobis and the DRM Consortium. At the event, the NXP's SATURN + HERO Chipset demo and DRM receiver-fitted vehicle generated huge interest and was experienced by Honorable Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, and delegates from the public, government and the automotive and consumer industries.

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