DynamoEdge and Tessolve Partner on End-to-End Mobility Solutions

Article By : DynamoEdge

DynamoEdge and Tessolve have developed a sensor-to-cloud architecture that uses network APIs that can help improve the user experience and drive near real-time intelligence within vehicles.

DynamoEdge and India-based silicon and systems engineering company Tessolve Semiconductor (a Hero Electronix venture) have developed a sensor-to-cloud architecture that uses network application program interfaces (APIs) that can help improve the user experience and drive near real-time intelligence within vehicles. The solution is powered by AT&T’s fast, reliable, and secure 5G network.

DynamoEdge recently benchmarked its technology on the fastest and most challenging vehicles—IndyCar race cars, traveling at 240mph. Cars were equipped with over 300 sensors and monitored while in motion. DynamoEdge embedded with Edge Machine Learning maintained data connectivity and predicted car failures within 15 laps in advance in near real-time.

This new integrated service architecture combines DynamoEdge’s Real-Time Intelligence software platform with Tessolve Edge Real-Time Analytics (TERA) High-Performance Service Gateway, based on Tessolve’s SMARC 2.1 system-on-module (SoM) designed using the NXP S32G2 vehicle network processor. The gateway is integrated with a 5G modem.

Together, the solution helps unlock near real-time intelligence of commercial vehicle sensors, which can help improve driver safety and assist to prevent collisions miles in advance. With advance notice of possible issues, businesses have better control over data, enhanced safety, zero-trust security, and best-in-market quality of service.

The new solution offers scalability to millions of consumers and devices while providing the flexibility to enrich data anywhere. DynamoEdge and Tessolve Semiconductor expect the solution to support a broad array of use cases, including autonomous vehicles, connected cars, first responders, 5G sports, and entertainment.

“DynamoEdge is the first real-time intelligence partner of Tessolve. Our unique ability to ingest and intelligently process massive amounts of data allows us to transform big data into actionable insights in near real-time, all the time. We enable the fast-growing automotive and mobility industry to monetize these new products and services. This close collaboration will deliver the best quality of experience to autonomous vehicles and OEMs for the fastest connected mobility and beyond,” said Barbara Bessolo, CEO and Founder of DynamoEdge.

“At Tessolve, scalable innovation is part of our DNA, that’s why I’m thrilled to announce this co-development, that is utilizing our TERA Service Gateway Platform to integrate automotive data with AT&T’s 5G leading connectivity and the intelligence of DynamoEdge Software Analytics at the Edge, to deliver an end-to-end solution for the transportation and automotive markets that enriches the experience of drivers and passengers of the connected and software-defined vehicles,” said Srini Chinamilli, CEO and Co-Founder of Tessolve Semiconductor.

“With this collaboration, DynamoEdge and Tessolve are unlocking the potential of 5G. It’s 5G connectivity coming to life. And it’s all thanks to the transformative ultra-fast speeds, incredibly low latency, and massive connectivity that is AT&T 5G in action,” said Rick Chapes, Area Vice President, AT&T Partner Exchange.

The parties are working together to demonstrate the integrated solution utilizing the Tessolve TERA High-Performance Service Gateway based on Tessolve’s SMARC SoM using NXP’s S32G2 vehicle network processor DynamoEdge Machine Learning at the Edge, and AT&T 5G advanced network connectivity.


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