EKA Taps NuPort Robotics for Level 2 Autonomy in Smart Electric Buses

Article By : NuPort Robotics

EKA has partnered with NuPort Robotics to introduce Level 2 autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), to its electric bus models.

EKA, an electric vehicles (EV) and technology company, has entered a partnership with NuPort Robotics to introduce Level 2 autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), to its electric bus models. This is a first-of-its-kind-in-the-country initiative towards the utilization and incorporation of progressive Level 2 autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) for electric buses on Indian roads.

EKA, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries Ltd, begins testing on a range of autonomous features developed by NuPort, an advanced technology that promises to contribute to notable improvements in safety, reducing environmental footprint, and increasing operational efficiency. Following a period of rigorous testing, the technology will be deployed with over 5000 buses, representing a minimum investment of nearly INR 150 Crores in innovation and contributing to the future of transportation and sustainability. More importantly, when such technologies are deployed in commercial vehicles, they have been associated with reducing crash rates by nearly 50%.

NuPort Robotics announced its plans earlier this month to set up operations in India and fully develop and deploy its technology in India for commercial vehicle manufacturers, beginning with electric vehicle manufacturers. NuPort will be following a “Made in India” approach thereby contributing to the advancement of economic development and innovation ecosystem within the country. NuPort’s technology provides level 2 autonomy features specifically targeted for Indian roads, considering the complex nature of Indian traffic, and understanding the Indian driving mindset. NuPort’s partnership with EKA is strategic, as it allows both NuPort and EKA to offer Indian customers cutting-edge innovative vehicles that can be continuously updated to retain that innovative advantage. NuPort is using proprietary AI technology which will progressively enable autonomous features thereby increasing safety, operational efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint.

“Our partnership with NuPort ensures that our electric buses are not only environmentally friendly but also futuristic through incorporation of Artificial Intelligence thereby making our buses efficient and safer to operate on Indian roads. This collaboration strengthens our goal of positioning EKA as the leader in the electric vehicle industry in India. I am confident that both EKA & NuPort will provide a safer, greener, and much more efficient transportation for Indian roads,” said Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, EKA and Pinnacle Industries.

“The current project with EKA allows us to set the first precedent in India for a Level 2 AI-enabled smart Electric bus. Partnering with EKA on this initiative allows us to work with a leading national manufacturer and learn and develop technology solutions specifically for Indian driving conditions. NuPort’s focus on innovation, sustainability, automation, and artificial intelligence is aligned perfectly with EKA’s principles and vision leading to this strategic partnership between the two companies,” said Raghavender Sahdev, CEO of NuPort Robotics.

Through this strategic partnership, NuPort will provide AI-enabled autonomous solutions and EKA will provide the electric vehicle platform. NuPort being an expert in offering artificial intelligence technology and EKA having expertise in the manufacturing of electric vehicles will work together towards the commercialization of the next generation of AI-enabled electric buses in India.


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