Energous Receives Regulatory Approval in Asia for Unlimited Distance Wireless Charging

Article By : Energous Corp.

Energous' 1W WattUp PowerBridge approval in India opens new market opportunities for over-the-air power solutions in the country.

Energous Corp.’s 1W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter has received its first regulatory approval in Asia for RF-based power transfer at any distance. The approval in India opens new market opportunities for over-the-air power solutions in the world’s second most populous country and follows similar approvals for Energous’ 1W WattUp PowerBridge in both Europe and the United States.

“Today’s approval in India, combined with recent 1W WattUp PowerBridge approvals in Europe and the U.S., now expands the growing ecosystem and reach of Energous’ wireless power transfer technology in three of the world’s largest markets. This represents a significant milestone for Energous as the global IoT ecosystem rapidly expands and demands more power,” said Cesar Johnston, acting CEO of Energous. “With approval in India, companies can now plan for and deploy wireless power networks in three massive global regions using Energous’ 1W WattUp PowerBridge across a wide range of applications, including smart buildings, industrial IoT sensors, retail electronic displays and more.”

The company also recently received European regulatory approval for its WattUp PowerHub and, most recently, U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for 10W of wireless power transfer up to one meter. These developments continue to expand the ecosystem reach for Energous’ wireless power transfer technology amidst a rapidly expanding global IoT network whose devices are increasingly in hard-to-reach locations away from reliable power sources and require more power to operate.

Energous’ WattUp technology enables a variety of wireless charging scenarios for industrial, retail and healthcare applications with 1W, 5.5W and 10W power levels.


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