Facial recognition tech works on live feed

Article By : Vivek Nanda

3M Live Face Identification System uses live video to match identities in real time.

3M is addressing the need for increased security with its Live Face Identification System that automatically recognises multiple faces simultaneously from live or imported footage to identify individual people from dynamic, uncontrolled environments.

Faces are captured and matched in real time and any connected desktop PC or mobile device is notified when there is a hit against the database. This process helps speed reaction time. The product is aimed at law enforcement and border patrol agencies.

The system is both scalable and configurable such that users can choose how they store and manage data with its flexible server deployment. The software captures images from a wide range of compatible cameras that are connected to the server — no proprietary hardware is needed. The system can also be scaled from a local to national level simply by connecting more devices.

[3M LiveFace System]
Figure 1: The Live Face Identification System can be scaled from a local to the national level simply by connecting more devices.

According to Christopher Ede, Global Business Manager for 3M Cogent, the system increases accuracy by using a "several-to-many comparison.” Key features include: 

  • A Dashboard Watch List: allowing users to enrol and categorise over one million faces as “cleared” or “not cleared” in a customised watch list.

  • Investigation Support: users can import live footage and still images from a range of cameras not connected to the system, allowing investigators the ability to utilise the several-to-many approach to more swiftly and accurately identify suspects in criminal investigations.

  • Customisable Software Developer’s Kit: capture-and-match algorithms are also available in a robust software development kit so users can integrate one-to-one matching via 3M document readers in order to create a custom security solution. 

More information is available at 3M.com/LiveFace.

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