Flash server, storage systems deliver speedier virtualisation

Article By : Super Micro Computer

Supermicro VSAN ready nodes target high-performance database and big data analytics applications that necessitate a high level of compatibility, reliability and serviceability.

Super Micro Computer has developed its latest virtualisation optimised server and storage systems based on the 1U Ultra SuperServer 1028U-TN10RT+ that supports ten NVMe SSDs. The solution boasts true hot-swap capability for enterprise mission-critical RAS applications, stated the company.

Aimed at hyper-converged cluster with high-availability, these Supermicro VSAN ready nodes are aimed at high-performance database and big data analytics applications that demand a high degree of compatibility, reliability and serviceability. For even higher density all-NVMe flash systems, Supermicro offers a 2U SuperServer that support 24 hot-swap NVMe SSDs and another that supports 48 hot-swap NVMe SSDs. The company has also introduced a high-availabilty 2U dual-node system with support for 20 dual-port NVMe SSDs.

Meanwhile, Supermicro’s all-flash VSAN VDI solution for performance-oriented graphics applications combines a range of power efficient, high density GPU optimised SuperServers, high-performance flash storage and VDI-optimised GPUs, detailed the company. Supermicro has enabled users to deploy and use virtual machines for high-end graphics workloads such as CAD and media & entertainment workloads used by design professionals as well as office applications.

Featuring advanced features that Virtual SAN 6.2 delivers, such as deduplication and compression, erasure coding, software checksum and quality of service, customers can fully utilise the functionalities and capabilities of Supermicro’s all flash NVMe and SSD solutions and deploy them in their Tier 1 mission-critical applications, thereby increasing performance and lowering the overall cost, added Supermicro. Moreover, all of Supermicro’s VSAN ready nodes are available with the latest generation Intel Xeon processor E5-2600v4 product family, which facilitates greater number of cores, density, performance and faster memory that is vital for virtual environments such as data centres, mission-critical applications and archival needs, the company indicated.

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