PINE A64 is a 64bit expandable single board computer (SBC). Learn more:

The Ravean 12V C6 80g heated down jacket is suitable for unexpected weather changes with temperature control system between -4°F to 55°F. Learn more:

PUGZ wireless earphones is designed for simultaneous listening and charging through phone. Learn more:

Revols custom-fit wireless earphones is designed to mould to the users' ear shape. The entire moulding process is controlled by users using its' companion app on phones. Learn more:

Pulse is designed to control cameras from smartphone. Pulse plugs into DSLR or mirrorless camera's USB port, thus widely used for shooting photos, time lapse or video. Read more:

OLO is a 3D printer that supports smartphones. Learn more:

Ossic X is a 3D audio headphones that calibrates to the listener, increasing the sense of auditory space. By pairing 3D audio algorithms with head-tracking and individual anatomy calibration, it delivers accurate 3D sound. Read more:

Nura headphones integrates sound wave technology to automatically measure users' hearing (from the outer ear to the brain) to adapt the music. Learn more:

The LVL hydration monitor simultaneously tracks hydration, heart rate and activity to help optimise every workout, training set and race. It then prompts in real-time, alerting how much fluid the user needs (based off of current levels and sweat rates) and what type of performance boost the user can expect. Read more:

The Mr Beam II desktop laser cutter and engraver features an integrated camera and supports a wide variety of materials. It can be connected to a PC, Mac or tablet via Wi-Fi to choose design, cut or engrave. Learn more:

Blocks smartwatch has a strap with several modules, each with own function. Learn more:

Bagel tape measure offers three different measuring modes. It can also save measurements, record voice memos and send data to its mobile app, where you can easily organise and analyse your measurements. Learn more:

Sondors claims that its e-bike models are the most affordable in the market. Learn more:

Sgnl enables answering of phone calls by simply raising the hand without any extra headset or earphone. When a finger is placed in the ear, the finger not only transmits the sound but it also blocks out background noise. Read more:

Sevenhugs smart remote is made to control any device such as TVs, media players, speakers, lights and thermostats. Just point at what you want to control and the smart remote’s screen automatically adapts. Learn more:

Fireflies wire-free earbuds feature hi-fi audio with a secure fit. Read more:

FlowMotion smartphone stabiliser is designed to stop shaking effects when taking videos. Learn more:

Nextbit’s smartphone integrates cloud to Android OS. Learn more:

Knocki small wireless device turns ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops and more) into remotes for devices and software. Learn more:

Patent pending GeoOrbital replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn bikes into an electric bike. Learn more:

Trinus is a desktop 3D printer that can be converted into a laser engraver. Learn more:

Vi is an evolving personal trainer who lives in bio-sensing earphones. Each day, Vi tracks, gets smarter and coaches. It also helps meet weight goals, and improve running, cycling and training. It allows music playback and talk on the phone without touching a button. Learn more:

Superbook laptop dock helps remove the restrictions of phones’ small screen and limited interface. Read more:

This Ticwatch smartwatch is designed as a smart fitness and music companion. Learn more:

Wazer waterjet cutter supports any material, and has digital control to achieve detail and accuracy impossible by hand. Read more: