IEEE standard tackles data rates beyond 10Gbps

Article By : EE Times India

The IEEE 802.15.3e standard, developed by Japan-based TransferJet Consortium, maintains ease-of-use, while enabling close-proximity transfer of data at rates exceeding 10Gbps.

An amendment to the IEEE 802.15.3e standard developed by the TransferJet Consortium aims to address the needs of a high rate, close proximity wireless communications that exceeds 10Gbps.

Expanding on the basic concept of TransferJet, the new standard maintains the intuitive ease-of-use and can instantly transfer any type of data including large 4K definition and virtual reality video files. In addition, the required connection setup time has been reduced to 2msec or less, allowing new usage scenarios such as the delivery of content while walking through ticketing gates.

Four of the consortium's member companies—Sony, NTT, Japan Radio and Toshiba—led the effort. South Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has also been an active participant and key contributor of various sections of the standardisation effort.

The TransferJet Consortium plans to build upon the standard and develop the total technology and solution as "TransferJet X" to handle the growing amount of content traffic and complement current mobile networks.

TransferJet_01 (cr)
Figure 1: Pick up content instantaneously while walking through the ticket gates (Source: Business Wire)

TransferJet_02 (cr)
Figure 2: Instantaneously download content (apps, software) or upload personal files (videos and photos) from kiosk stands (Source: Business Wire)

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