IIT Delhi to Establish Department of Energy Science and Engineering

Article By : India Science Wire

IIT Delhi is establishing a new department to expanding the scope and depth of activities being undertaken by the 45-year-old Centre for Energy Studies.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is in the process of establishing a new department named “Department of Energy Science and Engineering” essentially for expanding the scope and depth of activities being undertaken by the 45-year-old Centre for Energy Studies (CES). The Institute’s Board has given its approval for the conversion of the Centre for Energy Studies into a Department of Energy Science and Engineering.

The new department is expected to provide a much-needed focus and visibility to the teaching and research activities of the Institute in the field of energy as it deserves for achieving the seventh sustainable development goal of meeting increasing energy requirements at affordable price in an environmentally sustainable manner and effectively contribute to the initiatives towards energy transition at the global level.

The department would offer suitable academic programs in the field of energy to prepare required manpower at all levels, attract the best faculty, students and staff and provide a platform for active and effective collaboration among faculty colleagues across the Institute and with other Institutions, IIT Delhi statement.

Besides continuing with three existing M.Tech. programs (including one sponsored by the International Solar Alliance for working fellows from different countries) presently being offered by the Centre for Energy Studies, the new department would offer an undergraduate degree program, i.e. B.Tech. in Energy Engineering starting from academic session 2021-2022, with an intake of 40 students qualifying JEE (Advanced).

Speaking of the new B. Tech. program, Prof. K.A. Subramanian, Head, CES, said, “There is a critical need to nurture manpower with the capacity to flexibly respond to various energy and environment related challenges in a holistic manner with required foresight and vision. The B. Tech. program in Energy Engineering is designed to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to take up the energy sector challenges being faced by the humanity – improving energy access, supply quality and reliability as well efficiency of utilization, de-carbonization, and lowering cost of energy supply.”

The B. Tech. course curriculum is designed to lay a core foundation with a wide basket of electives in the area of energy as it aims to produce next generation leaders to contribute to the energy transition initiatives through core industry, academia and all other stakeholder entities. Besides highly unique sector specific skills the students are expected to possess other competencies such as environmental awareness and profound understanding of sustainability concepts.

Graduates of the B. Tech. program are likely to find the best technical jobs in core energy sector and in organizations engaged in a variety of activities pertaining to climate change, energy transition, energy access and security etc. and will also be apt candidates for higher studies in leading national and international institutions.

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