India Strengthening AI Capabilities

Article By : PIB India

IndiaAI will significantly expand India's AI ecosystem through partnerships with technology companies for catalyzing growth and innovation of emerging technologies.

The Indian government is determined to develop artificial intelligence and AI powered solutions that will benefit the country as well as transform lives of its people.

“AI will be kinetic enabler of India’s digital economy and also make Governance smarter and more data-led,” said Union Minister of State for Electronics & Information Technology and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar during his address to the Technology Round Table organized by Business Standard in Bengaluru. The theme of the event was “AI and Business: Navigating the Opportunities and Challenges.”

Stating that the broad vision of the country’s AI program is to secure India’s position as one of the leading nations in the AI space, Chandrasekhar said in this regard, the government is working in partnership with academia, startups, and industry players to develop cutting-edge applications and scalable problem solutions in various fields such as agriculture, health, and sustainable cities, thereby  catalyzing an effective AI ecosystem.

He said IndiaAI will significantly expand the AI compute, GPU infrastructure in partnership with technology companies for catalyzing growth and innovation of emerging technologies, while laying guardrails for ethical and safe use.

“One of the objectives of the IndiaAI program is to create a model of responsible and ethical AI – for India and world,” he said. “Apart from developing technology, the Prime Minister has also emphasized on making India a Global talent hub for AI under the IndiaAI. Skilling efforts to re-skill and up-skill professionals to be adept with the emerging technologies are being implemented and also to equip the Young Indians with industry-ready and future-ready skills too.”


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