Invecas acquires Lattice’s HDMI design team

Article By : Vivek Nanda

The acquisition includes 153 staff from Lattice Semiconductor with 100 currently based in Hyderabad.

Invecas Inc., a silicon proven IP and design services provider, has agreed to acquire Lattice Semiconductor Corp.’s HDMI design team and Simplay Labs subsidiary, which oversees standards compliance and interoperability testing services.

Design asset acquisition

Invecas, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, offers design services including ASICs optimised for advanced process technologies, embedded software and system-level solutions. With this transaction Invecas will gain aout 150 R&D staff, labs and other assets from Lattice’s operations in San Jose, California, Hillsboro, Oregon, Hyderabad, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Invecas told EE Times India that 32 staff in the United States, 21 in China (the Shanghai and Shenzhen locations) and 100 in India are affected by the acquisition. "We have acquired Simplay Labs subsidiary and the staff will work from the same Simplay Labs," confirmed Dasaradha R. Gude, founder and CEO of Invecas, in an email exchange (in photo above). A new HDMI team lead from Invecas is yet to be announced.

In a press statement, Darin G. Billerbeck, Lattice Semiconductor’s President and CEO, said, “It not only helps us to support our existing HDMI ASSP business, but also fosters a collaboration between the companies to speed the development and adoption of both existing and new HDMI standards. We are confident that Invecas will continue to pioneer HDMI by providing world class IP and services. Lattice customers should feel confident discussing any HDMI 2.1 IP opportunities directly with Invecas.”

Gude added, “This transaction will be a tremendous addition to our technical capabilities as well as to our IP, advanced SERDES and product portfolios… This transaction will enable us to broadly influence our customers’ Standards Connectivity roadmaps and will provide better insight into their product development.”

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