Jendamark and DOBOT Collaborate to Bring the Future of Automation to India

Article By : Jendamark Automation

Jendamark is now the core distributor of the DOBOT range in India.

In 2014, Jendamark Automation entered the Indian market and offered customers a unique mix of world-class engineering, following its motto “Passionate about technology, focused on people.”

Since then, Jendamark India has delivered turnkey solutions to optimize manufacturing. The company pioneered Industry 4.0 by implementing AR, VR, and software solutions, and developed the “ODIN Eco System” platform. Jendamark makes automation more human-centric, developing applications where humans, automation, and software work in sync to enhance human potential and increase production efficiency.

The launch event to announce Jendamark as a core distributor of the entire DOBOT range in India.

DOBOT integrates AI-powered lightweight cobots and a proprietary software suite, helping industrial clients navigate rising wages, lack of qualified laborers, and other bottlenecks. By replacing traditional manufacturing with advanced human-machine collaboration, DOBOT meets production demands and plays a critical role in elevating manufacturing.

Jendamark and DOBOT have another common DNA strand of spreading education to the masses using technology. Jendamark’s ODIN Education platform complements the DOBOT’s approach to spreading robotics awareness in teaching.

On June 7, 2022, Jendamark India organized a grand event to announce Jendamark as a Core Distributor of the DOBOT range in India. The event was presided by Quinton Uren, MD of Jendamark Group, Himanshu Jadhav, CEO of Jendamark India, and Sanjeev Kulkarni, CEO of Kalyani Powertrains.

DOBOT CR5 cobot cut the cake.

Jendamark displayed diverse applications using DOBOT robots, where the guests felt the DOBOT robots performing tasks, including cutting a cake, followed by a selfie clicking DOBOT and EV cell sorting application. To strengthen the ongoing association between MIT WPU and DY Patil Education University, Uren gifted DOBOT Magician robots to two universities.


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