Keysight Network Packet Brokers Eliminate Blind Spots in Complex, High-speed Networks

Article By : Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight's 400G ready network packet brokers help improve application delivery experience and security posture against advanced persistent threats.

Networks are gaining speed and complexity to support hybrid IT networks and multi-cloud business deployments for applications such as 5G, remote work, artificial intelligence (AI), video streaming, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently released a Network Visibility report that explored this trend, discovering that 96% of organizations find packet analysis critical to cybersecurity operations, but only 34% are successful with their network visibility architecture. The report further confirmed that network (or packet) data is vital to improving customer experience as well as understanding and securing these networks.

To address this growing challenge, Keysight Technologies Inc. has released new, full-featured 400G ready network packet brokers for enterprises and service providers to improve application delivery experience and security posture against advanced persistent threats.

The Vision Edge 400S offers high-speed and scalable rack and edge traffic aggregation. With a variety of port configurations and advanced tunneling, IP header filtering, load balancing, and timestamping features, Vision Edge 400S ensures organizations are prepared to handle demanding performance.

Meanwhile, Vision 400 offers advanced capabilities to address demanding core network security monitoring environments. It supports sophisticated packet processing for complex overlay networks including deduplication, header stripping, packet trimming, and a deep understanding of applications running in the networks with application identification, geolocation, and decryption.

Overall, Keysight’s new Vision 400 Series Network Packet Brokers deliver advanced visibility in high-speed 400G hybrid networks.

“The new 400 Series Network Packet Brokers are a strong addition to the Keysight visibility solutions that we are already using to secure and monitor our environment across the state of Texas,” said Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer at University of Texas. “Its flexible support for network speeds from 10G to 400G and advanced packet grooming features will enable us to scale to cover new campus needs such as remote interactive learning and monitoring of cloud workloads, which require high-speed, low latency, and consistent monitoring of expanded use of MPLS and SDN.”

“With the complexity and data demands of today’s networks, Keysight understands that IT and SecOps teams need scalable, high-performance, and highly flexible network monitoring solutions that offer full visibility into everything happening in their network,” said Recep Ozdag, General Manager and Vice President of Keysight’s Network Visibility Solutions. “We are excited to announce the Vision 400 Series Packet Brokers for customers to deploy as they transition to high-speed 400G networks to support and secure applications.”


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