KPIT Board Member Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli Receives Prestigious Frontiers of Knowledge Award

Article By : KPIT Technologies

KPIT Technologies Board Member Professor Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli has been acknowledged for his contributions to the field of chip design by the Frontiers of Knowledge Award.

KPIT Technologies’ esteemed Board Member, Professor Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, has been acknowledged for his contributions to the field of chip design by the Frontiers of Knowledge Award, having developed innovative software tools that have revolutionized the automation of electronic circuit design and construction.

The Frontiers of Knowledge Award recognizes visionary individuals who have made substantial contributions to their respective fields and have had a transformative impact on society. In its 15th edition this year, Professor Vincentelli has been presented with the award in the Information and Communication Technologies category. The award citation recognized Professor Vincentelli’s efforts as having given rise to the “modern semiconductor industry.”

Professor Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli

Through his expertise in electronic design automation techniques, Professor Vincentelli has played a pivotal role in advancing the development of the chips that power smartphones, computers, and microprocessors embedded in automobiles, aircraft, electrical appliances, and a multitude of other devices that are integral to daily life.

The Automotive & Mobility ecosystem is undergoing transformation powered by software, silicon and cloud. KPIT, which helps make automotive ecosystems vision a reality, has immensely benefited from Professor Vincentelli’s wise counsel in the last 8+ years he has been on the KPIT board.

“Hearty congratulations to Prof. Vincentelli. We are proud to have him on the board of KPIT Technologies. His ground-breaking work in the semiconductor industry and vision of software gives us immense thought leadership. It’s our DNA at KPIT to build deep domain expertise and focus on innovation. Prestigious awards like this give us more inspiration,” Ravi Pandit, Co-founder and Group Chairman of KPIT Technologies, said.


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