KPIT Unveils Software Technology Roadmap for SDVs at CES 2023

Article By : KPIT Technologies

KPIT Technologies unveiled a holistic software technology roadmap for software-defined vehicles (SDV) at CES 2023.

KPIT Technologies marked the beginning of an exciting Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada by unveiling a holistic software technology roadmap for software-defined vehicles (SDV).

The mobility industry uses software to drive innovation and create a post-vehicle sale business model driven by delivering services to end consumers. This paradigm of SDV demands a significant change in how software is approached. Hardware-software separation, creating a new SDV platform common across vehicles, accelerating towards high-performance computing chipsets, virtualization, and enabling data and application upgrades through the cloud are key tenets of the new approach.

KPIT’s showcase at CES 2023 was themed “Accelerating transformation towards SDV”. It comprised technology solutions that address three major areas: establishing the E/E infrastructure and technology stack; bringing scale to production through technology; and creating a digital customer experience and monetizing across vehicle lifecycle.

Solutions are created based on KPITs strong understanding of client challenges, thereby helping craft a very specific roadmap towards their SDV transformation.

“We are delighted to partner with mobility leaders to accelerate their journey towards a production ready SDV. Over the years, we have built technology solutions, platforms, and accelerators. We have made significant investments and partnerships. All these come together to offer our clients unmatched cutting edge technology solutions that address their challenges,” said Kishor Patil, Co-founder, CEO, and MD of KPIT Technologies.


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