Kyoto Semiconductor Photodiode Touts High-speed Response for Long Distance Communication

Article By : Kyoto Semiconductor Co. Ltd

Kyoto Semiconductor paired its avalanche photodiode with Semtech's transimpedance amplifier to enable long distance optical communication.

Kyoto Semiconductor Co. Ltd has chosen to pair its new KP-A avalanche photodiode KPDEA13C with Semtech Corp.’s GN1089 transimpedance amplifier to enable long distance optical communication.

“The pairing of Semtech’s transimpedance amplifier GN1089 with Kyoto Semiconductor’s KPDEA13C was ideal to optimize the performance,” said Tsuneo Takahashi, Kyoto Semiconductor president and CEO. “Through the joint collaboration, the KPDEA13C now includes a fast response suitable for a variety of optical needs.”

Kyoto Semiconductor’s KPDEA13C is front side illuminated, highly sensitive and mounted on an interposer board for ease of assembly. Additionally, the KPDEA13C and Semtech’s GN1089 together offer unparalleled performance at high speed enabling 25Gbaud PAM4 applications.

“Semtech’s GN1089 is a high performance transimpedance amplifier enabling both 25Gbaud and 56Gbaud applications. Its high linearity and low noise are features that were a perfect fit for the Kyoto Semiconductor, KPDEA13C,” said Timothy Vang, vice president, marketing and applications for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “This collaboration with Kyoto Semiconductor showcases the outstanding quality of our solutions for high speed optical communications.”

Sample shipments of the KP-A avalanche photodiode, KPDEA13C is scheduled to begin on August 31, 2021, and mass production is expected to start on December 27, 2021.


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