Low noise amplifier targets AFE sensors

Article By : Toshiba

The TC75S67TU op amp is suitable for analog front-end (AFE) circuits of sensors and Toshiba is targeting applications such as IoT modules, HDDs, sensor modules, notebook PCs and home appliances.

The Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions arm of Toshiba Corp. has released an operational amplifier, the TC75S67TU, which claims to have industry-leading low equivalent input noise voltage.

As the rapidly IoT market expands, demand for low-noise operational amplifiers that amplify the small signals detected by sensors is also growing. The low noise TC75S67TU is suitable for analog front-end (AFE) circuits of sensors. Toshiba also added that the amplifier also secures low bias current by adopting CMOS process, which helps extend the operating times of batteries for small IoT devices.

Low-equivalent input noise voltage:
VNI=16nV/√Hz (typ.)@f=10Hz, Rs=100Ω, Rf=100kΩ, VDD=2.5V
VNI=6nV/√Hz (typ.)@f=1kHz, Rs=100Ω, Rf=100kΩ, VDD=2.5V
Low-current power supply: IDD=430μA(typ.)@VDD=2.5V
Low-voltage operation: VDD=2.2V to 5.5V

Sample shipments of the TC75S67TU are available with mass production scheduled for August.

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