Magnetic Connective Wireless Charging and Data Transfer

Article By : Franco Raffa, CIA, Magconn Hong Kong

Magconn is an innovative magnetic connection technology that is a simple and safe low-cost alternative to induction charging and conductive wireless charging.

Magnetic connective wireless charging (Magconn) is an innovative magnetic connection technology that is a simple and safe low-cost alternative to induction charging and conductive wireless charging, with all the benefits of a direct plug-in connection, even for data transmission, data acquisition and sending pulse signals or audio. The product is most versatile and its potential applications are multiple. Magconn is proving to be of major interest to product designers working on devices destined for the Internet of Things, including rugged, smart, wearable, and wireless devices.

Magnetic connective wireless charging is the name given to the worldwide patented Magconn product technology. Although it may seem somewhat contradictory, the name Magconn is a most apt one, when one thinks about the term “wireless” in a different context. “Inductive and conductive wireless charging” have used the term “wireless”: in theory, it is correct usage of the word as the power is actually transmitted wirelessly, albeit at an extremely short range. However, the wireless device still has to be physically rested on or in a charging platform, hence eliminating the process of plugging in the device when it needs to be charged.

Magconn is a lower cost alternative that offers so much more! There is no charging efficiency loss, no energy loss and not heat loss, as effectively it is direct contact. Direct contact means no loss in charging times. Magconn uses magnets to automatically self position and self center the device to the charger. Its dustproof and waterproof to IP68 ideal for rugged devices, phones, computers, etc., but in addition, Magconn can also transmit data, so in effect, it is also an alternative to standard USB connections, but with a extra feature that the connection is fully 360-rotatable while connected. This rotation reduces the stress on a cabled connection, avoiding cable-to-connector wear and tear, and the eventual breakdown of the standard cable connection.

The internet and mobile communications has opened the doors to many new technologies like smart metering, GPS tracking, diagnostics and telematics to name but a few.  The “Internet of Things” is a new age industrial Revolution for M2M communications, which will touch every part of our lives, transmitting data from devices at home, office, shop, factory and mode of Transport. Just about everywhere we go, everything we do and every thing we interface with and potentially even many items we will wear, will be connected to the Internet. Data and Signals will be transferred wirelessly by Bluetooth, RF, GSM and other Lo frequency and powered networks. Massive oceans of invisible communicating waves of data transmissions will be added to the seas data that we have today.

We already have many concerns about the effects of smart device generated EMFs (electro magnetic fields) and their invisible health effects on human life. Back in the 1990s with the advent of the mobile phone industry, serious concerns were swept aside to make way for technology. Now, in the 21st Century, it is happening again, only this time should we be much more concerned? Seems not, you might conclude, looking at the mass of consumers embracing mobile phones. Are they either unaware of or don’t believe the risks exist? What you can’t see doesn’t exist, right? Yet, you simply have to buy an EMF meter and place it near your laptop, mobile phone, smart meter, microwave, router or inductive wireless telephone charger to see the harmful-level alarm sounding. Reducing EMFs is not an easy task, but Magconn contributes to reducing EMFs as much as possible.

Another concerning factor is the security of wireless data, especially in the world of finance, electronic point of sale (Epos), home automation, wireless key entry, secure code applications such as car sharing. Potential personal data or secure codes can be captured, decoded and cloned. Magconn offers a secure alternative to avoid the possibility of wireless data hacking by eliminating the wireless data transfer but keeping a simple and easy contact method in which the natural attraction of the magnets provided. An interesting example is smart chip credit cards, debit cards and ID cards. We have the traditional Epos chip reader device that makes its secure connection by mechanical pin connection, here we have a secure connection, but we get eventual wear and tear on the contact surface from the card insertions, this causes intermittent faults and eventual breakdown of the contact, which renders the cards useable. The newer wireless solution of wave wireless and contactless payment systems have no wear and tear issues.

They are quick and easy to use for the consumer but are somewhat insecure. Magconn is a middle of the road solution, that still offers the quick and easy use but it is a secure connection, with minimal wear and tear issues. There is no true wireless data transmitted, no mechanical pin stresses and no insertion required. The Magconn solution is; the card would have circular track rings instead of the standard array of surface pads, which would effectively be the RX receiver with an embedded metal plate behind it. The Epos reader would have a magnetic TX connector. Hence the user would place his card over the reader and it gets automatically drawn down to a magnetic connection, which is self-positioning and self-centralizing, ensuring a secure connection.

The applications and benefits are endless for this two-part, low-profile Magconn charging and data-transfer connection system. The RX receiver and TX transmitter, as they are called, make interconnection simple, resulting in an effortless, quick  and easy connection for power and data transferring. Eliminating risks of insecure connections and the need for tedious connector insertions.

“It just has to be one of the most exciting innovative technology concepts to grace the interconnection, charging and data transferring sectors for a  long time”.   The Magconn modules have to be touched and played with to be truly appreciated, and yes seeing is believing….  The risk is once R&D engineers and product designers get this product in their hands and truly experience the versatile and flexible benefits Magconn has to offer, they will be looking for ways to implement it into their products and treat their end consumers to this technology.  Magconn it at

— Franco Raffa, CIA, Magconn, Hong Kong.

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