MaxPower and Renesas to Collaborate on Complete Power Solutions

Article By : MaxPower

Renesas and MaxPower are collaborating to offer improved efficiency power semiconductors used in power tools, vacuum cleaners, and industrial motor drives.

MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. and Renesas have agreed to work together in order to provide more efficient and complete power solutions to their customers. MaxPower’s novel power semiconductor products will be combined with Renesas’ broad product offerings to streamline the design process and provide a competitive edge and optimized performance for existing and future customers.

Renesas and MaxPower are collaborating to offer improved efficiency power semiconductor products used in power tools, vacuum cleaners, industrial motor drives and mobility applications. A leading example product is driving a full-size BLDC vacuum motor that will allow for improved performance in traditional cordless upright and canister vacuums.

The RAJ306010 42V complete motor drive IC and MXP80N4P7BG 80V with low on-resistance (4.7mΩ) available in the 5×6 MaxPak package make an ideal combination to support 650W BLDC motor system in a very small 45-by-45mm footprint. This product is ideal for applications with small form factors and limited space.

“By combining MaxPower Semiconductor and Renesas technologies, we can provide customers with complete, competitive and innovative solutions,” said Chris Stephens, Vice President of Communications & Motor Control, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Our collaboration with MaxPower Semiconductor allows us to offer our customers complete motor systems with best-in-class performance, power efficiency, quality, and reliability.”

“MaxPower’s mission has always been to provide advanced MOSFETs that offer both optimized performance and cost. We have successfully developed our technology platform and products hand-in-hand with our Tier-1 customers across the globe and are excited to continue doing so in collaboration with Renesas,” said Dr. Mohamed Darwish, Co-Founder/CEO of MaxPower.

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