mmWave modem delivers multi-gigabit data rates

Article By : IDT

The RWM6050, IDT’s 10Gbps-class mmWave, features dual modem and mixed-signal front-end integration for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links.

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has introduced its 10Gbps-class millimetre wave (mmWave) modem for wireless infrastructure carrier class deployments in both access and backhaul. The RWM6050 is a highly integrated mmWave dual modem (PHY + MAC + ADC/DAC + beam forming) targeting applications such as fixed wireless broadband access, WTTx (Wireless To The Edge), small cell backhaul, 5G service and other emerging applications.

Delivering real-time interconnect solutions, the RWM6050 supports operation in the 57-71GHz band. It can be paired with mmWave RF chipsets to deliver multi-gigabit data rates throughput at several hundred metres distance. The RWM6050 is configurable with a radio interface that provides easy integration with RF solutions.

Turnkey project

Featured in the RWM6050 are the dual modem and the mixed-signal front-end integration. Each modem in the RWM6050 will produce point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links to simplify network planning and the architecture for fixed wireless networks and 5G/LTE small cells.

Broadband wireless access at multi-gigabit speed will not only address bandwidth challenges for time-critical traffic in the wireless infrastructure, but also enable potential services.

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