Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has announced release of its 100V minimum-breakdown-voltage breakdown MOSFETs: the AO4290A and AON6220. The MOSFETs find application in synchronous rectification for flyback converters in quick chargers for mobile phones and PD adapters.

The AO4290A comes in an SO-8 package with 7.6mΩ on-resistance at 4.5V gate drive voltage. The AON6220, meanwhile, comes in a DFN5x6 package with 7.4mΩ on-resistance at 4.5V gate drive voltage.

The AO4290A and AON6220 also feature high output as well as low switching loss. With the SO-8 and DFN5x6 packages, options are available for design engineers with target thermal dissipation and manufacturing requirements.

Alpha and Omega 100V MOSFETs cr Figure 1: The AOS 100V AlphaSGTTM family for synchronous rectification in flyback converters.  

The AO4290A and AON6220 are priced for 1,000 pieces at 93 cents and 96 cents, respectively. They are available in production quantities with a leadtime of 12-14 weeks.