AUSTIN, Texas — National Instruments has taken to the stage at NI Week 2018 to launch both updates and new members of its software suite. During a Tuesday keynote, it unveiled LabView 2018 aimed at smart and industrial machine designers, and as an engineering student aid, to sit beside Labview NXG in its lineup. LabView 2018's feature list sees added support for Python, Jenkins as well as new deep learning features.

The Keynote launch of LabView 2018 at NI Week 2018

Elsewhere at NI Week, National Instruments also launched a suite of three new software solutions; FlexLogger, aimed at the vehicle industry, InstrumentStudio, for automated test systems, as well as ELVIS III, designed to meet needs of university engineering education.

Luke Schreier of NI talks briefs ELVIS III at an NI Week press conference