New Delhi – ALi Corporation has initiated further effort to penetrate the Indian market, with the next-generation STB (set-top box) chipset F8 series. The new value SoC by ALi Corp. will reach its wide deployments in 2019.

The F8 STB chipset series, formally M3711C, was launched in Q3, 2018 as the next-generation value SoC to echo the SD-to-HD transition in India region. F8 was designed as the cost effective solution for operators by offering good performance, with advanced security architecture compliant with world-leading tier 1 CAS (conditional access system) standards.

Just on its path to deploy in the market, the new solution has been welcomed by local operators, through the efforts of STB manufacturers and CAS partners for their STB development and security integration.

“With F8 successful go-to-market, we foresee high potential business in India region in 2019”, said Daniel Huang, CEO of ALi Corp. “The next-generation SoC packs numerous values including solid performance, compact design with optimized cost, and easy-to-develop software platform with optimal time-to-market. It can dramatically reduce the development time for operators in Pay TV and cable TV sectors.”