Rapidly growing generation capacity will need large scale deployment of energy storage for transmission decongestion, protecting processing plants from grid frequency and voltage drop triggered outages, the president of AES India said.

Thus, the AES and Mitsubishi are to build a 10MW energy storage array near Delhi, the first of such system to be connected to the grid in India.

The battery plant will be operated by Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL), but AES and Mitsubishi will develop and own the 10MW array based on the Advancion energy storage system developed by AES. This will handle peak load management, increase system flexibility and support high levels of reliability for more than 7 million customers in the region.

India plans to install 160,000MW of solar and wind generation over the next five years, and energy storage will play a critical role in ensuring its integration into the grid.

“For a rooftop solar programme to be successful, it is important for the distribution network to integrate it with energy storage solutions to take care of power generation spikes and fluctuations, system stability, reactive power compensation and grid emergencies," said Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD of Tata Power-DDL.

The Advancion energy storage array will be constructed in Rohini, Delhi, at a site operated by Tata Power-DDL and will start operation by the end of the year.