Analog Devices is adding cybersecurity to its arsenal with the acquisition of the cyber security solutions (CSS) business of Sypris Electronics LLC.

The CSS business of Sypris Electronics is considered to be a leader in secure system and software products and technology. For more than 50 years, Sypris has built a proven track record of delivering high-assurance information security services to the world’s most demanding customers, including military and government organisations needing to protect against sophisticated nation-state level threats and attacks.

With this transaction, ADI enhances its aerospace and defence capabilities in the area of secure radio communications, bolsters its portfolio of system hardware and software-based cryptographic technologies, and adds a cybersecurity software and services business that supports our ability to offer more comprehensive high-performance analogue solutions across multiple market segments such as Internet of Things (IoT), industrial, automotive, among other things.

"With this acquisition, we have accelerated our ability to offer our customers trust ‘from the sensor to the cloud’ through next-generation cyber-physical security solutions. The competencies and offerings of the CSS business are a great complement to our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, as security increasingly becomes paramount to the success of IoT implementations," said Dick Meaney, ADI senior vice president, Industrial, Healthcare and Consumer Group.

The CSS team will remain in its current locales of Tampa in Florida, and West Lafayette in Indiana, and form the core of ADI’s new Secure Technology Group (STG), to be led by John Walsh, former president of Sypris Electronics, LLC.