When the BIOS crashes or suffers an update failure, the computer is unable to boot or restart. In these circumstances the BIOS parameters and settings may have been lost. Arbor has developed the BIOS ACT, which it claimed will make BIO stable and reliable.

Arbor Technology’s BIOS ACT is an anti-crash technology, incorporated in the company’s board level and single-board computer (SBC), designed to enable BIOS code recovery from a secondary on-board flash and restart in case of a system BIOS failure.

Arbor Bios ACT function diagram (cr) Figure 1: Arbor Technology's BIOS ACT function diagram.  

It incorporates BIOS real-time monitoring, automatic recovery, and BIOS and MCU Flash synchronous upgrade. There are two BIOS Flashes on the SBC, one is the System BIOS Flash from the CPU platform; the other one is controlled by an MCU. When the System BIOS Flash is damaged, the MCU External Flash will be recovered to the System BIOS Flash automatically. Thus, it recovers the System BIOS to the normal status. This design technology will be applied to Arbor off-the-shelf board products.

First published by EDN Europe.